Privacy | Personal Data Collection

In Betsy, we are committed to respecting the privacy of all our members and the personal data entrusted to us. By accessing or using our services or platform, our members i.e. Sellers, Buyers, Bloggers, General Community acknowledge, agree, and accept all policies, requirements and practices described herein. Our members consent collection, processing or usage, and disclosure of personal data provided. If the members do not consent to any of these, they can opt not to use or access our services or platform. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this will be posted on our platform.

  • The Betsy team will / may collect Personal Data from its members but not limited to the following data type:
    • Full Name
    • Home / Business / Other Physical Address
    • Mobile / Telephone Number
    • E-mail Address / Other Online Contact Details
    • Other Social Media Details i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    • Bank Account / Credit Card Details / Other details required for payment
    • Business Details i.e. Permits, Registration number, Shop Information
    • Content of E-mail / Message/ Engagement between Betsy Members and Betsy Team / other Betsy Members
    • Other information required for signing up to access or use Betsy’s services / platform
  • The Betsy team will / may collect Personal Data from its members but not limited to the following instances:
    • when the user signs up, registers and / or creates an account to use Betsy services / platform
    • when the user agrees to provide information or any supporting documentations requested / required brought about by any interactions using Betsy services / platform
    • when the user interacts with our team not limited to telephone calls, text messages, e-mails, fax, online / face-to-face meetings / invitations, social media platforms, letters / mails
    • when the user avails / uses Betsy’s electronic features / other services via the website / the application, which may include without limit any web messages / cookies/ IP addresses/ computer IDs / mobile IDs / operating system, location, etc.
    • when the user carries out transactions on Betsy not limited to selling, buying, joining / hosting events online, or any other transactions where personal data are shared
    • when the user blogs, joins Betsy community / forum
    • when the user provides review / feedback, reports concerns / complaints
    • when the user submits any form be it web / application/ physical form relating to any Betsy services, or when the user submits any personal data for any reason
  • The Betsy members are expected to comply but not limited to as follows:
    • To provide only accurate, clear and valid information; any inaccuracies or changes must be reported to Betsy; any further information / documentation to support change verification may be required by our team within our discretion
    • To be responsible in disclosing their personal data at their own accord limited only to what’s necessary / required
    • To respect other members privacy / personal information
    • Not to share other members information without their consent
    • Not to post any misleading / inappropriate information about their products, listings, services, events or any other content displayed on the Betsy platform
    • Not to post any malicious content that insults, harasses, singles out, targets, or bullies other members
  • The Betsy platform and services are not intended for children under 18 years old. All parents / guardians control / supervision is advised. The account will deleted, if the member was found underage.

Personal Data Usage| Protection | Retention

The Betsy team will / may collect, disclose, use, and / or process its members personal data but not limited to as follows:

  • to maintain all personal data in our database for record keeping, and available for viewing by any members (at certain level based on the account owner’s privacy or preference set)
  • to use for any transactions made through Betsy services / platform to fulfill requests, address issues / concerns, notify as needed, facilitate and so on
  • to enforce terms of use / terms of conditions or any end user license agreements to the users
  • to investigate, audit, prevent any actual / suspected violations / incompliance to our terms of use / terms of conditions
  • to screen any new account creation / request for account reactivation
  • to identify / validate personal information to allow / authorize a transaction / a decision whether monetary / non-monetary act is involved
  • to allow any other transaction which requires us to get the member’s consent
  • to respond to any legal / regulatory requirements or as mandated by any applicable law
  • to conduct research / analysis / study / development / statistics i.e. Google / SEO / data analytics, surveys, product / category / seller / buyer / shop profiling, reporting, dashboard and / or any internal visualization which may help Betsy to improve their services and / or enhance customer experience
  • to send marketing updates / broadcasts / promotions / discounts / sales / events, which may already exist on the Betsy platform now or in future, where the member can opt to subscribe / to unsubscribe
  • to secure / protect the personal data of all members through backup and / or archive to a controlled server / to a secured host environment for upgrade requirements, operational / disaster recovery, as necessary.

Betsy are committed to protect all personal / sensitive data provided by its members. Security measures and controls will be in place. To name a few are, i.e. implementing a secure protocol for exchanged of data (HTTPS), limiting access to the database / application administration by the Betsy administrators / support team, notifying its members for any suspicious/ phishing / malicious attacks, and so on. There is no 100% security guarantee anywhere, hence, the members are also advised to always practice precautionary measures for protection and safety of their own data, and limit personal information sharing, as necessary.

Betsy will not be liable to any personal data shared by the members with other members / third parties

Although Betsy may partner with / link with a third party for use of our platform or services, the third party will have their own security measures / privacy policies separate from us. Should there be personal data / other information requested / obtained by the third party from the Betsy members, we encourage the members to assess the risk and ensure that they read the terms and other policies published on their site. The third party products / services are not owned nor managed by Betsy.

When the law or any regulatory requires it / When needed to resolve disputes, Betsy will / may retain its members personal data.

The destruction of Betsy members personal data will / may be performed but not limited to as follows:

  • if retention is no longer necessary for any legal, regulatory or business purposes
  • if retention no longer serves any other purpose / any legitimate interest or if the account is already dormant
  • if the member confirms voluntary deletion of his / her account or if the member ends agreement to the terms of use / terms of conditions / relationship with Betsy, unless required by law / any regulatory

Request to Access | Withdraw | Correct Personal Data

Any Betsy member has the right to withdraw consent for collection, use and / or disclosure of his / her personal data. Withdrawal of consent may mean turning off certain features or services / voluntary exit / termination of agreement or relationship with Betsy. Withdrawal can be done by unsubscribing from e-mail links / changing account privacy settings or preference / permanently revoke or delete account. Alternatively, the member can send an e-mail to the Betsy support team at

Any Betsy member has the right to access / correct personal data currently in his / her control via account profile update. On the other hand, certain data / information are subject for approval before it can be updated; they may / may not be changed by the Betsy administrators in adherence to the privacy policy outlined herein or if any law / regulatory require

Account Privacy

  • Suspicious Usage of Personal E-mail to Create Betsy Account
  • Betsy send an e-mail notification for newly created Betsy accounts and / or approved
  • Account Creation / Account Approval E-mail Notification from Betsy may have happened due to the following:
    • Someone may have entered a wrong / misspelled e-mail address while creating their Betsy account
    • You may have requested someone to create a Betsy account on your behalf
    • You may have created a Betsy account previously and may have forgotten about it
    • The Betsy team may have already approved the Betsy account created before any claim / report of invalid e-mail address used is received

If you received an e-mail from Betsy, but you did not create a Betsy account; or if you want to delete this Betsy account / to disassociate your e-mail address from this Betsy account you may report it to the Betsy support team at

Suspicious / Recent Sign-in to Betsy

  • Betsy send a sign-in notification to the member’s e-mail address due to the following:
    • if Betsy account is signed in to from a computer / mobile device / browser, which you may have used previously, but all cache / history / cookies have been cleared / deleted since last sign-in
    • if Betsy account is signed in to from a new computer / mobile device / browser; this doesn’t mean that account’ security is compromised, it may only mean that the computer / mobile device / browser used is only recognized by Betsy for the first time
  • Following information may be received from Betsy for any suspicious / recent sign-in:
    • Date and time of sign-in
    • Approximate location (if not exact)
    • Operating System (OS) / Device Information
  • If the member is certain that no recent sign-in was made from that location on that date and at that time using that OS / device, Betsy urge the member to reset his / her password.
  • If help / support is required, the member can reach out to the Betsy support team at
    Suspicious Password Change on Betsy Account
  • Betsy send an e-mail notification if there’s a password change made on the member’s Betsy account
  • If the member suspects that his / her Betsy account password has been tampered / account has been hacked / has been accessed without his / her authorization, the member must reset her password immediately
  • If the member’s e-mail address / mobile number used for authentication has been changed as well, report it to the Betsy support team at
  • Betsy urge all members to use a very strong password. It is advisable to use a combination of letters, numbers, upper and lower cases, and special characters
  • Betsy urge all members to renew their password every 90 days or less

Report | Mark Spam Messages

If the member gets not preferred / unsolicited / repetitive messages / updates from Betsy / Betsy Community i.e. spam for that matter at inbox, the member may report it to report it to the Betsy support team at

If the member gets not preferred / unsolicited / repetitive messages / updates from Betsy / Betsy Community i.e. spam, junk e-mails sent to the e-mail address, the member may unsubscribe from the link attached to the e-mail (where applicable) or report it to report it to the Betsy support team at

Notification on Betsy Policy Updates | Receipt of Marketing E-mails

  • Betsy send an e-mail notification to its members for any changes / updates on Betsy’s policies.
  • Betsy may request the member to read, understand, agree, and accept any terms of use / terms and conditions / Betsy policies
  • Betsy may not provide a way for the member to unsubscribe, if deemed necessary i.e. updates to terms of use / terms and conditions, transactions made on Betsy, when mandated by law, etc.
  • While e-mails / notifications can be limited so as not to flood the member’s inbox, Betsy are also committed to provide transparent and honest communication. For this reason, we seek the members understanding.
  • To help the members limit the number of e-mails they receive, following can be done:
    • Unsubscribe from Marketing E-mails via the link provided in the e-mail or via the member’s account settings on Betsy or report to the Betsy support team at The member’s account will remain active even after doing so.
    • The member can also opt out of receiving messages / updates from Betsy temporarily or permanently by changing the preference settings on his / her Betsy account or by closing / deleting his / her Betsy account.

Transfer of Betsy Account to Others

  • Betsy prohibit transfer of member’s account to other member or non-member despite the situation i.e. business is requested to be managed / to be continued by someone else, business is sold to someone else. A new Betsy account must always be setup including a new Betsy Shop name, when necessary
  • Each Betsy Shop name is unique and permanent. Once the shop’s name is registered, no one can use that name any more even if the shop closes
  • For unavoidable / unique circumstance i.e. permanently disabled / deceased member’s account, you may report it to the Betsy support team at

Suspension | Deletion of Betsy Account

The Betsy member’s account may be suspended / deleted due to these reasons but not limited to as follows:

  • It is at the sole discretion of Betsy to suspend / delete the member’s account permanently, if the member does not meet / comply to terms of use / terms and conditions, buyer, seller, third part policies.
  • It is at the sole discretion of Betsy to suspend / delete the member’s account immediately, if the member has been reported / seen engaged on any malicious misconduct / fraudulent act
  • if the member has transferred account to another member / non-member
  • if the member is a minor, the account will be immediately deleted. A minor is below 18 years of age.
  • if the member has temporarily disable his / her account
  • if the member has permanently delete their account
  • Betsy member’s account can no longer be reactivated when account is deleted
  • Betsy member’s account can only be reactivated when account is suspended / temporarily disabled
  • if the member would like to make an appeal for account’s reactivation, he / she can send an e-mail to the Betsy support team at

Also, refer to Betsy terms of use / terms and conditions, buyer, seller, third party policies.

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