Mindful Shopping

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To be mindful is to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. “Mindful Shopping” ang panlaban natin sa “Mindless Shopping” wherein we impulsively buy things we haven’t thought about or don’t really need.

Kaya mong maging mindful shopper, bes. Here are a few tips.

Mindful Shopping

Compute Cost Per Use

Promise hindi mo ‘to ikaka-nosebleed. For example, if you can wear a P3,000 pair of shoes for 100 times, ang cost per use niya ay P30. Compare this to a P300 pair that you can use only 5 times dahil nasira na kaagad – ang cost per use niya ay P60. Saan mas sulit ang hard-earned money mo? Remember, quality over quantity at the end of the day.

Think About Causes You Care About

Are you passionate about animals? Support brands that are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. Are you an environmental advocate? Shop for upcycled or reusable products. Do you support women empowerment? Invest your money on enterprises that train and employ women from developing communities. Use causes you believe in to filter where and what to shop for.

Mindful Shopping

Itulog Mo Muna

When you see something in a store or online, impulse tells you to buy it right away – the fear of missing out is real. Take deep breaths, go home or sleep it over. Chances are the desire will not be as strong the next day.

Minimize Retail Therapy

Do you like to shop kapag stressed ka? Maybe you just need to go to the gym, or talk to a friend, or get a massage. Think of other things to do aside from shopping.

Buy Local

When you buy from local artisans, you boost the local economy, you support a small business (and help them provide for their loved ones and pursue their dreams), and in return you enjoy unique pieces that showcase their artistry. It’s a win-win situation, di ba?

Mindful Shopping

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