Founding Team

Judy Anne Santos-Sierszula

Judy Anne is a mom, coach and corporate veteran who has led teams and businesses for big brands in Asia and Europe. Her experience spans the areas of commercial strategy, transformation, supply chain management and leadership. She believes that to truly live its purpose, a commercial endeavor must always seek to positively impact its employees and the communities around it.

Jean Dominique Santos-Lincod

Jean is a chemical engineer by profession, a creative during her free time and a mom at heart. Although she has been living outside the Philippines for more than 10 years, she is passionate about championing Filipino craft – especially SMEs and artists who offer original pieces. She fully appreciates the essence of special and one-of-a-kind.

Kristine Camille Castillo

KC is an electronics engineer, and an information technology expert of a variety of systems on cutting edge platforms. Experienced in both local and international setup, and technically inclined on application / project / service management, business / systems analysis, and quality testing. She understands the importance of online customer experience, privacy, security, and data integrity.

RJ Idang

A seasoned IT consultant with 18 years of experience on several IT projects from proposal development, delivery management, project coordination and general analyst responsibilities.

Des Arellano

Des is a marketing communications professional and social media enthusiast, having worked in advertising, leisure, events, and retail industries. She believes in Filipino talent and supports local enterprises whenever she can. She’s excited to introduce the world to the amazing creations that can be found in Betsy.

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