Betsy is the brainchild of two sisters who were looking for an easier, more convenient way to access the best artisanal, creative products within the South East Asian market. Together with friends who were similarly passionate about supporting the creative and artisanal community, Betsy was born in the Philippines.

Betsy seeks to enable clients to find and have access to pieces of art, hand-made products or unique items by sellers who have made them with attention and heart. We hope to provide a venue for emerging artists, small to medium creative and artisanal brands, and talented crafters and makers to showcase their pieces and have the opportunity to meaningfully reach their clients.

On Betsy you will find:

Unique pieces
Inspired creations by up-and-coming Filipino artists
Distinctive local finds
Unconventional artisanal products and innovations
Vintage articles
Hand made crafts
• Original designs (bags, clothes, shoes, accessories and home décor/furniture)
Locally made and sustainable skincare and beauty products

Betsy’s belief in promoting sustainability and lasting social impact by uplifting the sense of pride of our creative communities and making their creations accessible to more people, is central to who we are.

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