BetsyPH (Betsy Philippines)

We are Where your creativity and passion thrive Join us! We Make Special Possible Access unique pieces from local makers at your convenience
0% commissionfor the first 3 months
FREE one-time delivery service
End-to-end vendor support
Turn your passion into profit
Connect with community artisans
Who is Betsy?
We believe in our local creatives
Whether you are an art student or an emerging artist who wants to showcase their masterpieces or a mom who has discovered her love for crafts or an entrepreneur who has started their own artisanal home décor or organic cosmetics line – Betsy is here for you. Get close to your clients meaningfully, show them your portfolio or accept customized orders, you deserve this space and we are giving it to you.
Making the special accessible
We all deserve to have the opportunity to discover unique pieces, original creations and innovative artisanal products. Art must be available for all.
We are your trusted partner
We aim to give our vendors a great selling experience and unlimited access to leads and clients. As a client we will create a meaningful space to engage with our vendors and challenge them to the highest standards of quality and integrity so you can enjoy these original pieces fully.

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