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Dito sa Betsy we have a mala-Ms. Universe mission: to champion local craftsmanship (and promote world peace). The holiday season is time for a new pair of shoes either for you or your loved ones, so here are local shoe brands to try right now.

Rob & Mara (@robandmaraph)

Made from genuine leather, Rob & Mara shoes will last for a long time. Their boots, loafers, and brogues are popular with travel junkies for their comfort and durability.

Betsy Picks

Heron Featherlight Boots

Ezra Brogues

Stride Collective (@strivecollectiveph)

A collective of Marikina shoe artisans showcasing that they still got game.

Betsy Picks

Sinta Slides

Hand painted Tulip Oxfords

Tapak Pinay (@tapakpinay)

Locally made shoes featuring indigenous fibers and fabrics.

Betsy Picks:

Zhania Mules

Teresita Slip ons

Posh Pocket Shoes (@poshpocketshoes)

Di mo bet mag-heels? No problem.  Posh Pocket flats are office appropriate. Your feet will thank you, especially during long commutes.

Betsy Picks:

Andy Loafers

Pointy Bow

Andante (@andantefootwear)

Classic leather footwear that fits into any wardrobe.

“We take pre-orders whenever we begin production—ensuring almost every pair we make has an owner and doesn’t go to waste,” the brand shares in their website.

Betsy Picks

Penny Loafer

Sportif Sandal

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